Automotive detailing has always been a significant part of my life. I've spent countless hours over the last 25 plus years dedicating my life to elevating my career in an industry I love so much.
It has always been my goal to give back to the detailing industry. Detailed perspective allows me to share my knowledge and experiences with everyone from one location. I'm glad you found it.
Please feel free to check out my podcast Detailed Perspective, along with my new youtube channel. The Detailed Perspective podcast is about giving back to an industry that will always hold a fond place in my heart.

Thanks for your support.

Detailed Perspective Podcast

Detailing tips and tricks from Barry Theal


Please feel free to watch as Barry Theal was featured on Motortrend TV with SB3 Coatings.

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Giving back is something Barry enjoys doing. He has a passion to dedicate his time to youth with troubled pasts and Dyslexia.

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Saturday Tech Session hosted by SB3

On Saturday, September 25 SB3 Coatings will be offering a Free net working and tech session here at our location. Lunch and drinks will be provided.

Grab your morning coffee and join Barry for the first monthly tech session at SB3 Coatings.

We're opening the doors to allow detailers to come together and network, while having fun trying products, and playing with tools.

No cost, No Head aches, just a gathering of fellow minded detailers looking to network and grow. Lunch is provided.

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    Are you looking for a group style or one on one training? Click here to learn more about how Barry has helped mentor and train hundreds of detailers to bring out their best. Are you ready to learn?

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  • Detailing

    One of the worlds most respected detailers, Barry Theal has a list of accomplishments that far exceeded his expectations. Are you looking to commission Barry for his detailing services?

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    Need a public speaker? Someone to motivate your team? Barry can speak on a variety of subjects. While his expertise is automotive detailing. Barry often speaks on a variety of topics.

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