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Barry E. Theal


Barry E. Theal

Barry E. Theal is an automotive detailer, brand developer, and detail trainer based in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. In a relatively short career Barry has become one of the nations top detailers and his highly respected amongst his peers for his passion and knowledge of the automotive detailing industry. 

Services Provided

Automotive Detailing and Training provided by Barry E. Theal




Here goes...”...my experience with “detailers” in past was poor...to say that each one was a “flake” would be praising them...attitudes were such that THEY were doing you a favor...substandard work was normal...lying was standard...all were practiced in the “art of deception”...one local detailer in West Chester Pa destroyed two of my cars which ended up costing me SEVERAL THOUAND'S OF DOLLARS...so I stopped having my cars detailed for many years because I trusted NONE...serendipitously I was directed to Barry E Theal...from the moment I met him things just felt “right”...his people skills were outstanding...I sort of “interviewed” him on how he got into the detail business...through his explanation I could see the passion Barry exhibited for his work and his products...passion, character, and honesty seem to be traits lost today so it was quite refreshing to see this in Barry-and all of this was BEFORE he worked with me and my cars!...Barry’s work on my cars is nothing short of SPECTACULAR!...”detailer” is the wrong vernacular...Barry is an ARTIST...the products that he developed along with his expert talent transformed my cars...they are so stunning that I prefer to just stare at them....his understanding of the materials, the science behind the products, and his talent to make the cars superb is second to none...I would say that not only is Barry a leader in his field but a star human being...a family man who cares about people also...certainly I’d recommend him for his business and products that he develops but MUCH more important I’d recommend him as a true person of character...he’d be successful at whatever endeavor he chose...

Stuart Field 

West Chester Pa