Barry E. Theal is an automotive detailer, brand developer, and detail trainer based in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. In a relatively short career Barry has become one of the nations top detailers and his highly respected amongst his peers for his passion and knowledge of the automotive detailing industry. 


Barry was born and raised in Manheim, Pennsylvania. A town known for cars and football. Early on,  Barry never really had a desire for cars.

Sports were his passion. Challenged by a  learning disability, Barry was never to fond of education. The challenges of Dyslexia really began to make comprehending a daily struggle. 


During his teens, Barry held a variety of jobs. Growing up in a blue collar family, Barry started working at a young age in the summertime. 

Barry's love for golf came from one of his firsts Jobs as caddie at the local country club. As he began to enter his late teens he worked two jobs.

During the weekends he was a floor guard for the local roller rink and in the winter he worked for a high volume recon shop located on the grounds of Manheim Auto Auction. This is where his passion for detailing all began. 


The twenties were a strange and confusing time for Barry. Fresh out of the The United States Army and uncertain of hi future, he choose to take a year off to figure life out. Falling back into the detail business, he knew instantly this was the career for him.

Little did he know the adventure it would take him on when he opened his first shop called Presidential Details. 


Presidential Details started with a dream. The journey for Barry to challenge himself to what has now become Set out to build his legacy as man, father and husband. Barry began to take detailing further then he ever imagined in such a short time.

Barry become widely known just just in his home town of Manheim, but on a international level. His abilities to color sand a car lead to a huge following amongst his peers, product vendors, and client's. 


In the present time, Barry enjoys spending time with his family. He has a diehard passion for motorcycles and golf.

He is an active member of the Masonic Community and 32nd Degree Freemason in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.  He is a Past Master of Mount Lebanon Lodge 226, and continues to enjoy the Masonic Community. 

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